Adtech Captify has just sold most of its business to a privately held company as it intends to launch an alternative Google search for advertising information.

SFW Capital, a US private equity firm focused on data-driven companies, has entered into a majority stake in Adtech Captify, the couple said Wednesday.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Founded in London, UK in 2011, Captify is described as a “search information platform”. The company collects data from searches conducted on publisher and e-commerce sites to provide information to advertisers who want to target specific types of audiences that have shown interest in specific products or topics.

More recently, Captify has expanded this offering to the fast-growing connected TV space, allowing advertisers to use this search data to target users who watch programming on top TV apps and other video formats. This year, a self-service platform was launched that allows advertisers and companies to design and purchase digital ad campaigns using search data without the need for human support.

Captify has so far raised $ 12.3 million in funding, a company spokesman confirmed. Insider said the company was well on its way to generating revenue of between $ 60 million and $ 80 million in 2020. A spokesman said Captify was also profitable last year, although it did not provide details. The company currently employs about 280 employees.

Omair Sarwar, an associate of SFW Capital, told Insider that the two companies started talking about an agreement late last year and that the private equity firm was particularly attracted to Captify data assets as advertisers increasingly seek solutions. not based on third party cookies. Google announced last year that it plans to phase out the use of this tracking technology in Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, although it recently extended the deadline to 2023.

Dominic Joseph, CEO and co-founder of Captify, told Insider that the company has sent several private equity bidders as part of the process. Under its new ownership, Captify plans to expand its growth geographically, particularly in the US, he said. Acquisitions could also play a role in this development, Joseph said. However, he added, “Our desire is not to work towards an IPO.”

“Our ambition is to expand the business globally,” said Joseph. He added that Captify wants to use SFW support to continue “developing the product, supporting customers with industry changes such as cookies, evolving from large management service to a hybrid between the two” and “continuing” to bring search intelligence into the hands of marketers and publishers in a way they have never seen before. “

The SFW-Captify deal marks the latest in a flurry of negotiations and IPOs in the advertising space, amid recent increases in digital advertising spending, rising ratings by public adtech companies and growing investor interest in adtech in newer areas such as streaming , e-commerce and identity.

Overall, private equity trading has also collapsed, with companies in the industry closing $ 3,708 worth of $ 456.6 billion worth of deals in the second quarter of 2021, according to the PitchBook.

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