Author “Bridgerton” Julia Quinn’s sister and father killed by drunk driver

Julia Quinn, author of the hit series “Bridgerton”, mourns the loss of her sister Violet Charles and their father, Steve Cotler. They were killed in a car crash last week after being hit by a drunk driver in Utah.

Quinn confirmed the news on her Facebook page on Wednesday, posting a photo of her sister and father along with a moving tribute.

“I lost my father and my sister,” Quinn wrote. “Because a catering company did not secure the cargo and the canvas bags were spilled on the highway. Because a pickup driver thought of nothing while driving, while his blood alcohol level was almost 3 times the legal limit. I have lost my father and I do not have my sister to mourn with. “

Charles was a famous cartoonist. In January, she showed some love for her sister’s “Bridgerton” series on Instagram, posting animated versions she had drawn of the Bridgerton characters. Michelle’s service dog was also killed in the accident.

Their father was also a writer, writing the “Cheesie Mack” series for the middle class. According to Quinn, Cotler was particularly pleased to be “the most annoying dad ever.”

Quinn also revealed that she and her sister worked together to create a graphic novel dedicated to their father. “It will be dedicated to our father. It will no longer be a surprise, but I would like to think that he suspected that we would do it. He knew us so well. “He was our dad,” Quinn added.

See her moving tribute below:

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