“Black Widow” explodes from the Box Office with 87 million dollars

Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” has fulfilled its destiny, making the new record holder of the weekend after the pandemic that opened the box office with 39.5 million dollars on Friday – including 13.2 million dollars from the previews on Thursday – to bring weekend estimates to $ 87 million from 4,160 screens.

This is in line with what the industrial projections for the first Marvel movie had projected in two years, easily surpassing the $ 70 million opening of Universal’s “F9” but the shy $ 100 million and just under $ 92.5 million. “Spider-Man”: Far Far Home “earned in July 2019. As usual, Marvel fans embraced the movie with the audience showing an A-on CinemaScore and a 92% Rotten Tomatoes score to go with a review score of 80%.

As expected, it was two tried and tested franchises – “Fast & Furious” and the MCU – that brought box office numbers that are closer to what would normally come during the summer season. However, while “F9” is an exclusive theatrical release, “Black Widow” was also released this weekend as a $ 30 premium offer for Disney + subscribers. As Disney maintains its PVOD numbers, it is very difficult to determine exactly how much impact the hybrid release had on the box office.

Abroad, the film had a steady performance opening in the middle of the week in many major markets. In the United Kingdom and France, “Black Widow” opened at $ 5 million on Wednesday before opening in 30 more countries on Thursday. The film grossed $ 22.4 million overseas over the weekend, though numbers are expected to decline as much of the global theater market continues to recover from COVID-19.

Back home, last weekend’s box office trio of Universal films will remain in the top five this weekend, with “F9” grossing about $ 10.4 million in its third weekend to reach its full 140 million. DreamWorks’ “The Boss Baby: Family Business” is in third place with an estimated $ 8.7 million for a total of $ 34.7 million over 10 days.

Blumhouse’s “The Forever Purge” is in fourth place with $ 6.8 million and a total of $ 27.5 million in 10.5 days, while Paramount’s “A Quiet Place – Part II” reached 150 million domestic brands with an estimated $ 3 million reached the seventh weekend.

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