Degree Deodorant is launching a campaign that will approve 14 NCAA athletes who stand out

Degree Deodorant is ready to launch a broad and comprehensive marketing campaign to support NCAA athletes in the light of new rules allowing compensation for college athletes.

Degree has recruited 14 athletes to appear and qualify on the #BreakingLimits team after the NCAA adopted the New Name, Image and Similarity (NIL) policies last week. The team is made up of a different group of athletes who have inspirational stories, encouraging others to break boundaries. Many of the athletes are American.

The athletes of the team include:

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The #BreakingLimits campaign also seeks to expand, asking college-level college athletes to share stories via Instagram to address personal or social challenges. This public search for an extra roster in the #BreakingLimits team starts on Wednesday and lasts until July 14 with the winner announced in August.

Degree plans to commit more than $ 5 million over the next five years to initiatives that encourage others to push the boundaries and inspire progress.

“Our team at Degree strongly believes that the movement has the power to unlock physical, mental and social benefits that can transform lives and that being able to work with great college athletes who incorporate this every day is something that Degree and Unilever is excited to celebrate, “Degree chief marketing executive Chiara Grillo said in a statement. “We now have the opportunity to further promote stories of how college athletes have overcome personal and social challenges and how they encourage others to keep moving to break their boundaries.”

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