Dua Lipa sued for posting paparazzi on Instagram

Dua Lipa filed a lawsuit this week against Integral Images, Inc., the latest in a long list of stars who have been taken to court for posting paparazzi photos on social media. Integral Images alleges copyright infringement and is seeking $ 150,000 in damages.

According to the complaint filed in a California district court, Lipa used a February 2019 photo taken by an Integral photographer in a more deleted Instagram post. The company, he says, “owns the rights to these images that [Integral] licenses for various uses, including online and print publications. “

“According to information and beliefs, the photo was copied, stored and displayed without permission or license, thus violating the plaintiff’s copyright,” the complaint states. “The infringement is an exact copy of the entire plaintiff’s original image that was copied and stored directly by the defendant in the account.”

Integral Images claims that Dua Lipa itself plays an “active” role in selecting and posting photos. Some celebrities outsource the handling of their social media.

Other celebrities, such as Khloé Kardashian, have been sued for posting paparazzi downloads on their accounts in the past.

A Lipa spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

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