“Evil” has been updated for season 3 on Paramount +

Two weeks after the debut of Paramount +, “Evil” was renewed for a third season in the streaming service owned by ViacomCBS. In addition, creators “Evil” Robert and Michelle King have signed a total five-year deal with CBS Studios.

“Evil,” starring Mike Colter and Katja Herbers, is finally back for a second season after almost two years. The first season aired on CBS before moving to Paramount +.

“Robert and Michelle represent an elite producer class that consistently delivers smart, challenging and recognizable series across all platforms,” ​​said George Cheeks, President and CEO of CBS. “Their stories are brilliant, the characters are memorable and the productions always have a strong, premium visual style. King’s contributions to CBS are significant and this ongoing partnership is a major source of pride for our company. “

“Michelle and Robert have been an integral part of our success as a studio for over a decade. We are constantly shocked by their ability to invent new forms of storytelling and their strange ability to be prophetic and relevant while holding a mirror in culture, “said David Stapf, President of CBS Studios.” Their series were all landmarks, show-packed genres, widely recognized among the best of television. They are just great and we are so proud and honored to continue our collaboration. “

“We have been a member of the CBS family for over a decade and we could not be more excited to continue the relationship,” said Robert and Michelle King. “George Michael, David Nevins, David Stapf and his team were the most supportive, thoughtful collaborators imaginable. We look forward to many more performances for many more years.

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