Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg make Nice in the Sun Valley shortly after the removal of the NY Times

Mark Zuckerberg and Cheryl Sandberg happily saw each other walking together in Idaho’s Sun Valley, just hours after an article was published about their declining collaboration. (See the photo above, which was posted on Thursday afternoon.)

The article was written by Sheera Frenkel and Cecilia Kang, who have a Facebook book, “An Ugly Truth,” which will be released next week. In it, the journalists describe in detail some of the controversies and challenges the technology company has faced over the past five years, from misinformation to user data and privacy.

The book describes in detail how leadership decisions led to major crises for the company and how engineers were called upon to build tools that encourage people to spend as much time as possible on its platform.

The Times article was adapted from the upcoming book about the tech giant, which drew more than 400 interviews with former and current employees. These interviews and reports reveal a picture in which Zuckerberg’s relationship with Sandberg became strained, especially during President Trump’s tenure.

But on Thursday, Zuckerberg and Sandberg seemed unhindered in the Sun Valley. The annual event, run by investment firm Allen & Co., was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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