Former Paramount and Fox CEO Barry Diller Says ‘Business Movie Is Over’

Barry Diller, a former Hollywood veteran and former CEO of both Paramount and Fox, said the film business, as he once knew it was “over.”

In a new interview with NPR at the Sun Valley Conference in Idaho, Diller said the rise of films and corporate change groups in the industry, and the desire to create films that have lasting cultural value, is “complete.” .

“The movie business is over… The movie business is over and it will never come back,” Diller told NPR on Thursday. “I used to go to the cinema where you were really making something because you were interested.”

Diller argued that the very definition of “movies” is in such a flow that “it means nothing now.” He also did a scan on streaming services, mourning how many original streaming titles get large numbers, but seem to be almost forgotten and buried after their debut.

“These streaming services create what they call movies,” he said. “They are not movies. It is a strange algorithmic process that has created things that take about 100 minutes. “

Diller added that Quibi, the most inactive streaming platform founded by one of its former pioneers, Jeffrey Katzenberg, was “just a bad idea” as to why its short, 10-minute shows failed to gain traction.

“It was a bad idea that had no other test than a large-scale investment,” he said. “Otherwise, he would have slipped for a while. But it was such a big thing that he lived and died in a millisecond. It has nothing to do with anything. The idea of ​​professional, quality A, 10-minute or less stuff didn’t make sense. “

Although Diller was behind iconic films and series such as “Saturday Night Fever”, “Taxi”, “Cheers”, “Grease” and more, he said he has “almost zero” interest in the film business as it is today and will he preferred to continue to focus on Broadway works.

Read the full interview with Barry Diller via NPR here.

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