Frustration is growing among junior bankers at Goldman Sachs

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Newer bankers mourn Goldman discount as other companies raise wages and analysts who complain about 100 hours of work weeks get nothing

Two pictures of Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon in a frame on a red background.

Paul Morigi / Getty Images for Fortune? Kena Betancur / Getty Images; Samantha Lee / Insider

Company analysts warn that Goldman’s determination could cost the company in the long run. In the frustration of Goldman juniors.

Goldman Sachs is struggling to keep junior bankers in the TMT group as Wall Street faces a shortage of talent

Wall Street young talented junior analyst 4x3

Samantha Lee / Insider

Four of the top 16 analysts who joined the TMT San Francisco Group in 2019 remain. Here is what happens in the section.

New research refutes the idea that private equity managers do not deserve the high fees they charge

dollar money bills

Yulia Reznikov / Getty Images

Private equity funds are notorious for charging high management fees to its investors and experts have long debated whether they are justified or not. However, new research from PitchBook shows that private equity adds value to the standard portfolio. Here’s why.

2 more Credit Suisse executives have resigned from the bank’s global stock market

Swiss credit

Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters

CEOs Bill Bors and Jason Vickery have resigned from Credit Suisse’s shares, adding to more than 50 senior executives who have already left the Swiss bank amid a series of problems. Get the full list here.

See our current list of departures at the Swiss bank.

Financial services companies are struggling to show that they are serious about recruiting different talents. These 3 organizations help them reverse the status quo.

Trey Pruitt of Ares Management?  Founder 10,000 Black Interns David Konotey-Ahulu · Founder of Hive Diversity Byron Slosar

Ares management? Getty Images; Michael Joke

We spoke with three organizations that use millions of dollars to hire tens of thousands of different students in funding roles. Here are their plans for changing the face of finance.

Women use Robinhood to buy encryption, says COO Gretchen Howard. And it changes the reputation of crypto.

Gretchen Howard, Robinhood

Robin Hood

Robinhood has tripled the number of female customers to about 30% of active users – a goal that was Howard’s personal mission. It details how it helped women enter encryption, a traditionally male-dominated world.

Calixto Global Investors $ 300 Million Founder Tiger Grand-Cub Guides Us How Shares and Retailers Have Changed The Way They Invest

Eduardo Costa of Calixto Global Investors

Eduardo Costa founded Coral Gables, Calixto based in Florida in 2014.

Calixto Global Investors

Eduardo Costa started Insider on how he plans to invest in the Wall Street Bets era. Here is what he said.

Single lots:

A banking application suddenly closes accounts, sometimes does not return customer money (ProPublica)

Dyal buys Stake at Phoenix Suns for $ 1.55 billion (Bloomberg)

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