How fintech hunters turn into investors

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Good Saturday and welcome to Insider Finance. Here are some popular stories from last week:

  • Fintech hunters become fintech investors.
  • How Goldman Sachs Automates More Investment Banking
  • Centerview co-founder Blair Effron shares his views on RTO.
  • JPMorgan is hiring the former content manager of Robinhood in a wealth marketing boost.

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Fintech chief hunters send rewards instead of equity to new companies

Crossbreeding partners

Crossbreeding partners

With talent, not capital, now the real meager commodity due to labor shortages, the founders were happy to bring investors with a direct pipeline to the best employees in the industry. A search company has invested more than $ 100 million in publisher stablecoin Circle.

“In many companies, and in companies like Circle, management leverage is more important than capital leverage,” said Dante Disparte, head of strategy and head of global policy at Circle.

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JPMorgan boosts marketing for its wealth business and hires former Robinhood content manager for new role

JPMorgan's David Moss stands in front of a brick wall wearing a jacket.

David Moss joined JPMorgan in June.


The bank hired David Moss as content manager for wealth management in the US as part of an effort to attract new customers who are “curious about investing”, Jennifer Zucarelli, head of content and communications at JPMorgan Wealth Management, told a staff member on Tuesday. a note from Insider.

The move underscores the way banks have integrated content – newsletters, blogs and podcasts – into marketing.

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Goldman Sachs uses algos to create new business for bankers as part of a bigger automation boost

Akila Raman, Goldman Sachs

Akila Raman, CEO, Goldman Sachs Investment Division

Goldman Sachs

Akila Raman, CEO of Goldman Investment Banks, and Miruna Stratan, who heads the IBD team of engineers, made Insider available in three use cases where the bank seeks additional automation.

Here is the complete set.

Centerview rainmaker Blair Effron says returning to the office is about “quality of experience” and that he does not expect people to make a watch

Blair Effron, Centerview Partners

Blair Effron, Centerview Partners


Centerview Partners is back to a “primarily office experience,” co-founder and co-founder Blair Effron told Insider. It embraces the benefits of personal work after the resumption on June 14, while still allowing some flexibility.

Here’s what else he said.

Fintechs uses remote work as a lure to chase people from Wall Street banks pushing back to office

Remote work

VW Pics / Getty Images

Many Wall Street employees are being asked to return to the office, with many banks waiting for more “normal” office work schedules after Labor Day, if not earlier. That may be enough to spur a job shift, and New York fintechs are waiting with open arms.

“It’s a huge opportunity,” said Eric Glyman, co-founder and CEO of New York-based Ramp. Ramp has taken on risks, partnerships and legal divisions from major banks, Glyman said.

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