RNC Dragged for Botching Weird Gotcha Attempt Over Biden’s Signature

RNC’s latest attempt to “own the liberties” failed on Twitter Παρα on Friday… by RNC, which completely thwarted an attempt to offend Joe Biden by failing in both basic mathematics and spatial cognition. And yes, it’s as silly and insignificant as it sounds.

President Biden signed an executive order aimed at neutralizing Big Tech on Friday, but RNC Research, an arm of the Republican National Committee tasked with “exposing the lies, hypocrisy and failed listening policies of Joe Biden and Democratic Party “according to their CV on Twitter, zeroing in on a different element of the signature, an unexpected remark by the president about the signature itself.

“Joe Biden says Barack Obama’s signature length is shorter than his own,” RNC Research tweeted, “Obama has 3 letters longer.”

The official GOP account even quoted the video as asking, “Does Biden know how many letters are in his name?”

The RNC thought it was a mistake by Biden, but many people quickly pointed out why this is one of the most silly loud flexes: Joe Biden was not born “Joe”, he was born “Joseph R. Biden Jr.” And so he signed his name. And guess what: They both have more letters than Barack Obama.

Others have drawn attention to the fallacy of the tweet itself, which first uses the signature length as a measure (when signatures can be any size regardless of the name) and then changes the number of letters.

But also, others have rightly pointed out that this is the most silly sound attack that is definitely not the sick burn that RNC seems to believe. Even people in the White House got into dunking.

In any case, take a look at the rest of the answers here, which range from sarcastic to stupid.

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