The obsession of the house on Wall Street

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Headhunters invest in fintech, losing money instead of equity to new companies

Crossbreeding partners

Crossbreeding partners

With talent – not capital – which is a scarce commodity due to labor shortages, the founders were happy to bring investors with a direct pipeline to the best employees in the industry.

Read more here.

Gusto just announced plans to buy Symmetry tax firm as $ 3.8 billion fintech steps up trading efforts

Headshot by Josh Reeves, CEO of Gusto


The announced acquisition is part of Gusto’s plan to set up the corporate development team. Get the full list here.

Goldman Sachs executives highlight key areas in investment bank that automate to streamline the way bankers make deals

Akila Raman, Goldman Sachs

Akila Raman, CEO, Goldman Sachs Investment Division

Goldman Sachs

Akila Raman and Miruna Stratan detail the automation happening at Goldman Sachs investment bank. Here is what they said.

Are you having a hard time buying a home now? Wall Street buys and builds entire neighborhoods – and it gets rich. What does it give?


Cohen / Ostrow via Getty Images

Wall Street companies are focusing on rental buildings as the controversy surrounds the lack of existing housing. Get the full list here.

Single lots:

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